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Thailand is one of the most visited destinations in the world for a reason. Millions of travellers from all over the globe visit the land of smiles each year. The lush jungles of Thailand promise adventure, while the legendary white sandy beaches are the picture perfect cherry on the cake.

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Thailand has never been colonised and therefore much Thai culture is preserved without Western influences. It kept their historic places intact but it also makes things work slightly different than most of us are used to. Here is a list of things you’re not supposed to do while in Thailand.

  • Don’t Disrespect the Royal Family.
    The King and the Royal family are highly regarded in Thai society. Thailand has very severe Lese Majesty laws that have imprisoned many Thais and even foreigners in the past.
  • Pointing your toes or the bottom of your feet at people is considered extremely impolite. Having your feet facing toward temples, Buddha images or monks is considered unacceptable. You’ll also be berated for using your feet to help shut a door, stepping over or kicking something.
  • Do not wear shorts, short skirt, bikini, tank top, tube top, or any other inappropriate clothes when visiting a temple.
  • Do not take pictures with captured animals. There is a sad backstory and nobody should support animal cruelty no matter what.
  • Women are not allowed to touch monks or be very near to them.
  • Respect Buddha images. Buddha is not for sale and refrain from doing inappropriate gestures near images of Buddha.
  • Do not destroy or use the Thai flag inappropriately.
  • Do not touchThai people’s heads. Thais believe that the head is the highest and most sacred part of the body.
  • Do not use a taxi if the driver doesn’t use the meter. If you really need to take that taxi, negotiate the price beforehand. Also, be careful when you catch a taxi, and always make sure that you know the direction.
  • Never lose your temper.

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